My bag is just about packed (pretty heavy with a few old laptops to donate to my friends at IAFR!), the flight itineraries printed (old school, I know, but I just don’t trust my phone and I have no data overseas), pencils sharpened, and I’m ready to go.  The purpose of this trip is to listen to the needs of refugee workers and families, and bring back that information so we can figure out how best to serve them.  We’ll be able to draw up some more detailed plans in April, and then be ready to present our pitch to the Solve community at MIT in May.

We have a Facebook group with several teachers signed on (fill out the contact survey on the home page if you’re a teacher who wants to join!) and I’m now looking for students to come “talk” with us there.  The name of the group is….   rPartners: “r” for “refugee,” “remote,” and a host of other things (see the word cloud below).  The Logo is compliments of my dear friend Sarah, a children’s book illustrator living in London.  Take a look at the flyer I’ll be handing out at computer centers, too.


Thank you for your support, the next update will be from France!