Online Education Resource Database

rPartners is a group of volunteers committed to connecting students who are refugees desiring to continue their education despite their circumstances with professional teachers who are passionate about learning and teaching, even in the most challenging conditions.  Our goal is to help students overcome obstacles and reach their goals, wherever in the world they are.

Currently, we are working on a user-friendly list of free educational resources which refugees will find useful for anything from studying a topic of interest in their free time or playing educational games, to finding college-level classes for credit.

We need your help!  Click on the link above to the Google spreadsheet list of resources.  You can make suggestions/contributions (don’t worry, they aren’t permanent until I either accept or reject them, so you can’t do any damage! Just make the edits you want, and I’ll receive a notification).  You can also leave comments on the resources others have posted, which would be very helpful in determining which resources are actually useful.  Thank you for your help.  If you are interested in helping me (volunteers only, please, I have no funding!) format this list, please email me at


Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan

All children and teenagers deserve teachers who are trained, willing, and able to help them learn.  We are here to be teachers for the students who are overlooked by a formal educational system.

Online learning can help fill the gap when a school is inaccessible.  But it’s hard to find a good place to start, and it’s hard to learn alone.  We will be there with you, to help you find free online classes, to help you understand what you are learning, to answer your questions.  We’ll help you figure out where to start, help you keep going, and help you transition to formal education when you are able.

We are teachers who can’t be with you there in person, but want to share what we know with you, to help you to set your goals for your future, and to help you reach them.  

Come join us!  Click here to fill out an interest form.


Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” William Butler Yeats


Some students have a spark which needs to be ignited.  Other students need someone to fan the fire to help it grow, and some students need help controlling and directing the spread of the fire.  This is what teachers do; our love of learning and deep desire to cultivate that love in young people is why we become teachers.

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.”

Children who are encouraged to pose and seek answers to their own questions, who are given the tools needed to perform quality research, think rationally, and communicate effectively with others are more likely to become adults who make positive and significant contributions to the global society.  There are many free online resources which can be used anywhere in the world, but navigating them is a challenge even for the most experienced of us.  A teacher-mentor can help a student define goals, make a plan, follow through and adapt that plan as needed.   

If you are one of the educators described above, we invite you to join our global learning community!  Click here to fill out an interest form.